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There are many strategies that a teacher can use to help a student with executive functioning issues. It is important to note that these issues are manageable. One of the most critical elements is to provide structure with established routines. The teacher must clearly communicate expectations for assignments and make sure the rules are simple and clear. Tasks must be broken down into chunks that are doable. If possible, the teacher should reduce the assignment length. Reminder charts are a good a way to outline the steps to completing a task. Visual aids are always helpful.

The teacher must make sure the student knows an assignment is being given and that the child understands the assignment and the directions. The teacher should also make sure there is an understanding of how to correctly do the task. A chain of steps should be used. The first step is to make sure the student writes the assignment down accurately and understands the directions and how to correctly do the assignment. Is the student going home with the correct materials to complete the task?

Some techniques include giving preferential seating such as in front of the classroom where the teacher can monitor the student more closely. The student should be seated away from distractions. Cueing techniques can be established such as calendars, post-it notes, index cars and color coding for different subjects. Allowing for breaks can be helpful.

A student with executive functioning challenges can succeed. Again, structure and routines in the classroom are critical. A homework chain of events is a must.

Janet Lee,the founder of Pathwas Educational Consulting, has extensive experience serving as an advocate and navigator for parents of children with special needs in the Montgomery Country, Malyland public school system. Janet Lee prepares parents for Montgomery County Public Schools(MCPS) meetings and assists at these meetings in order to secure accommodations and when necessary, appropriate school placements. She has particular expertise in Individualized Education Programs(IEPs) and 504 Plans