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ΙΙ Questions to get you started:

Who is eligible for special education services?

Disabilities that can make your child eligible for special education services include Autism, mental health challenges, intellectual disability, speech/language impairment and ADHD.

What is an IEP?

An IEP (Individualized Education Program) is a document that outlines the special education services a child is to receive. Parents work with educators to develop a plan to help the child succeed. It is tailored to meet the specific needs of the child. The IEP includes measurable annual goals as well as the support services the child needs to help achieve these goals.

Who makes the decision that a child is eligible for special education services?

The IEP team makes the decision about eligibility. The team may include the parent(s), regular education teacher, special education teacher and resource specialist as well as professionals who have tested the child such as a psychologist, speech therapist or occupational therapist. The team may also include a family advocate, other family member or friend.

How will my child be evaluated for special education services?

An educational assessment will be done to determine your child’s academic levels. Speech, language, hearing, vision and psychological testing may also be done.

What happens after the assessments are completed?

After the assessments are completed the IEP team will meet to review the results of the assessments and will then make a determination of whether or not your child has a disability that negatively impacts your child’s educational performance.

Who can make a referral for my child to be evaluated for special education services?

You as a parent can refer your child to be evaluated as well as school personnel.