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Pathways Educational Consulting is an academic advocacy service whose mission is to help parents navigate the public school system of Montgomery County, Maryland. We work with parents of students with various learning disabilities and mental health challenges to connect them to the services their children need to put them on the path to educational success. We serve as advocates for parents because we believe that parents are the true champions of their children.

Janet Lee has created Pathways Educational Consulting so that more parents have the opportunity to seek professional help from a highly experienced source to broaden the educational opportunities for special needs children. By helping parents understand what is available in Montgomery County Public Schools, she can guide them in promoting the success of their children’s education.

At Pathways Educational Consulting, the focus is to ensure that each child gets to explore all the opportunities available within the education system in a way most suited to their individual needs. Often parents find themselves completely overwhelmed with a system they understand little about and thus end up placing their child in programs that are not suitable. Ms. Lee can help you avoid these mistakes, and with her vast experience as an Educational Consultant, she has had many successes as attested to by the many happy children and families she has helped.