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Pathways Educational Consulting has a vision, that all children should receive the kind of education most suited to their individual needs so that they can reach their full potential. Children with learning/emotional disabilities should be taught in a way that helps them benefit from their educational experience. Janet Lee can assist in assuring that all special needs can be successfully addressed in a positive manner.t

By providing professional assistance, in her capacity as an Educational and her associate  Consultant in, Ms. Lee hopes that more people will capitalize on the opportunity to learn more about special needs programs available within the educational system. There are many highly acclaimed and wonderfully designed educational programs available for all kinds of children and their individual needs, but unfortunately very few people are really aware of their existence. This is the fundamental point that she works tirelessly to get across to parents, that these programs can help their child excel within the educational system.

Janet Lee is confident, that if more parents of children with special needs are made aware of such opportunities, then their children will have a better chance to succeed.