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ΙΙ Testimonials

I feel like you have done an excellent job walking us through the talking points for our son - both to prep for the 504 meeting and to advocate for the IEP.

Camille W.   

Janet Lee helped a lot and my client liked her. She was able to get testing approved for speech, academics and a full psychological. Not easy to get!

D. Cole   

We are so lucky to have found your guidance and support as we navigated the process of initiating an IEP. It was very helpful and reassuring to have your help. Your ideas before and during the meeting were excellent.

Frank H.   

If you are looking for an advocate to work with when trying to get an IEP for your child, Janet Lee is the one you should contact. Janet has worked with me and my kids for two years and has helped immensely when meeting with the schools and obtaining their IEP's. Janet has attended every meeting asked to attend. Janet has thought of issues and brought them up when I never would have thought to mention, points that really made a difference in the way the county responded in providing these IEP's. Her knowledge of the system has been immeasurable. A true asset!!

Matthew K.   

Thank you so much for your kindness and your professional support for my child. You are terrific and true blessing to us. I felt so much better having you in the room and knowing that you were making sure that all the right questions got asked.

I will keep you informed and will try to coordinate the IEP meeting at a time that is convenient for you.

In the meantime you have my gratitude for your invaluable help.

Carmina L.   

Janet Lee is an advocate who anyone fighting to get an IEP should have on their side. She knows how the county runs and has helped me and my three boys numerous times with her insight. I recommend her highly to anyone needing assistance. Janet is a real asset.

Robin Z.